Your ‘WTF?!?’ line.

Your ‘WTF?!?’ line.

an elderly caucasian woman with a hat and glasses and a quizzical look with the words "Your WTF? Line" across the bottom

It’s mid-life; we’re all getting wrinkles. I have some around my eyes from crinkling my nose when the sun is out- and I sort of love them. Others? Not so much. But, honestly? I’d rather have wrinkles and know I’ve lived through a few things. Sunny days out with my kids. The intensity of working on hard things. Rubbing my temples and jaw in times of fear and stress. Those lines are my life, written on my face, and I’m proud of them.

Today I want to talk about the ‘WTF?!?’ line that’s on your forehead. You know the one. It looks like this:

On the left: “wtf? yes, you are doing your chores, kiddo.’
On the right: ‘wtf? why are you driving like that?’


It’s the line you get when you’re thinking, ‘what the fuck?’ (just happened/did you say/are you thinking/fill in the blank). And this line has gotten deeper with age. Used to be it would go away on its own, and up until a couple of years ago, I could kind of smooth it out for date night. But! No more! That divot is there to stay, my friends!

The thing about the WTF line is that it signifies something important and pretty cool: intensity and authenticity. I get that line when I’m working hard on something- learning, writing, figuring things out for clients or friends. That line shows that our brain is engaged and we’re intensely applying what we know. That line on our forehead is also a sign that we’re tapping into wisdom based on who we are and what our life has been. Because only someone who has been around the block a few dozen times knows when something is bullshit enough to say, “what the fuck?” Only when we are authentically ourselves, in our understanding of life, does that line appear.

One of the things I am curious about regarding the WTF line is that it is situated where the ‘third eye’ is known to reside. The third eye, in some Western cultures, is the eye that does not see, but knows. An internal type of sight. It is a doorway to the more intuitive parts of ourselves, where we ‘know things without knowing.’ In the yogic medicine system, called Ayurveda, one of the seven energy centers in the body (called ‘chakras’) is in that place between the eyebrows and just above the nose.

I find this placement of the third eye and the idea of the WTF line converging a really interesting point in mid-life. Because at this point, we really are tapping into the more intuitive side of ourselves: because of our life experience, we know things without scientifically knowing how we know them. So, when your WTF line appears, I think it is deeply connected to your own intuition, bullshit meter, and the wise woman aspect of yourself.

When you’re in the Sex Surge, the WTF line tends to have two additional roles. The first is something along the lines of “WTF is going on with my body???” The surge in libido is such a surprise it throws most of us for a loop and we feel that in the center of our being. And the second role is “WTF? Why not?” as the hormones that ignite the Surge lower our inhibitions and make us less devoted to old stories about our sexual and relational self.

Our WTF line on our foreheads is a reality, but it is also a symbol of our deepest self- what we know to be true, and what we know to give some arched eyebrow to. Take notice of what it says- the wisdom of ages is inside you.



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