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I am no longer coaching clients. You can get my book by clicking the link below. It will give you the foundation needed to get through the sex surge. 

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Hormonal Phases

A woman’s life is deeply influenced by her hormones and her hormonal cycles. Women are, after all, estrogen-based creatures.

Hormones influence everything– from our skin and hair, to our body composition, to our mood and spiritual preferences. So when our hormones change for some reason – whether we expect it or not – the changes can make life more difficult.


The Sex Surge

Is your libido way up from normal? Are you feeling like you not only want a lot of sex, but you need it? Do you find yourself thinking about sex pretty much all the time?

You might be in the Sex Surge.

This is a hormonal stage, but not one that all women experience. For those who do, it can be a really great time (who wouldn’t want to be turned on more of the time?), but also a little bewildering (why did this happen? what do I do about it?).

I got the goods, sister-friend, and I share them with you in my book! 



Peri-menopause is a tough phase- because there’s a lot of ‘am I? or am I not?’ questioning about the symptoms you may be experiencing. Sometimes peri-menopause looks like menopause…and sometimes it doesn’t.



Menopause isn’t just the loss of estrogen, it’s the breakdown of your entire menstrual and hormonal cycle. There are lots of symptoms – some well known, and some not – and many ways in which your body is changing through this process.

The menopausal process is one of transformation. It doesn’t have to be horrible – it can be a time of gathering your wisdom and making life exactly what you want it to be.