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One-Time Sex Surge® Consult

In a private Skype or phone session (where everything is confidential), you will have up to 90 minutes to chat with me, where we focus on your specific story and needs.

The session includes information and explanations about the Surge, tips for dealing with your unique issues, and tools to manage your specific symptoms (not enough sex, can’t stop thinking about sex, feelings of guilt or fear, confusion, etc.).

The Consult is a place and time for you to tell your whole story- all the pieces, all the complexities and conundrums- and be heard and seen, without judgement. And then we find the right tools to help you fix things and be more in control.

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6-month coaching package

This package is for women who have tried everything to fix (fill in the frustrating blank).

Over the course of six months, we look into and get curious about the motivations and frustrations that have kept you where you are. We work through those issues – healing them – so that you can create, and then live from, a life of health and satisfaction.

We will be working on whatever problem you are concerned with: hormones, peri-menopause, the Sex Surge, affair stuff, or whatever you need help with.

In the six month package we dive deep so that the changes you seek are truly integrated into your life. This is more than fixing life’s ‘freak out’ moments. It is about making changes that last. It is about creating a new normal.

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