The Energetic Barf

The Energetic Barf

This is one of my favorite tools EVER. :o)

So, you know when you feel gross after an interaction with someone? As if something just threw slime all over you? Yeah, that one.

Maybe it’s an external slime- the kind where you feel dirty and like you should wash yourself off. With that external slime feeling, I can usually get it off by shuddering or shimmying, making a little ‘blech’ sound, and maybe washing my hands off.

I often feel this way when I’ve been around someone who’s made sexist comments, or who just exudes the ‘used car salesman’ feeling, or who leers at you or your colleague or friend. (Leering is a thing and it’s gross.)

But then there’s the ‘internal slime’ feeling. As if the nasty feeling or energy of a person or interaction just dripped down your throat and into your gut or abdominal area. This time, the gross feeling resides inside you. Which kind of makes it 10x worse.

For me, this happens when I have a more intimate interaction and someone says something inappropriate or something pointed directly at me. (I think how we feel this slime- internal or external- is different for each of us. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!) I felt this internal slime with my FF several times – because while I thought he was hot, he could also be purposefully cruel and that was just g-r-o-s-s to me.

So, while a shimmy and a ‘blech’ might help with the external slime, for the internal slime we have: The Energetic Barf!

And, yes, I do use this on a regular basis.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Bring to mind the interaction that made you feel internally slimed. Try not to think or feel it too deeply.
  2. Notice the feeling of the internal slime. Where is it exactly? How intense? Does it have a color? Pay it a little attention.
  3. Bend over, open your mouth, and pretend to throw up. (Don’t actually do it, or pretend too hard- you might actually induce puke.)
  4. Let that internal slime fall right out of your mouth. I make the barfing noise ‘bleh! bleh!’ sometimes. Yeah, it’s ‘energetic’ but you can probably feel it move out or release from your throat or abdomen when you’re fake barfing, right? That’s what we’re looking for!
  5. Energetic barf until it feels done. Some days, that’s about 3 wretches. Other times, I’m energetic barfing for 5 minutes. But when it’s done, it’s done. And it feels much better, much clearer.




So, yeah, this is a weird little ‘woo-woo’ trick, but it works for me and my clients. It’s one of those tools that may be spiritual in nature, but can deeply support our emotional self. And it is precisely those emotional interactions that influence our physical health. So, energetic barf all the slime out- because emotional slime is not meant to live inside you. And then give yourself a nap and some chocolate. 

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo



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