The ‘Big R,’ the book, and #midlifepower :: a delightful mish-mash

The ‘Big R,’ the book, and #midlifepower :: a delightful mish-mash

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So, when I first started dealing with the Sex Surge, I knew I needed to protect it. Not to be territorial or gross, but just to say, “I named this and defined it and I will accept no substitutes.” Rawr!

So, I applied for a trademark for the phrase last year. And two weeks ago, I got the official trademark seal and registration.



One super funny thing is that the Patent and Trademark Office wanted me to know that I did not get the trademark for the word ‘sex’ by itself. Ha!

What this means is that, from now on, when I or someone else uses the phrase, “The Sex Surge,” it will require the fancy “R with a circle” ® <– like this!  after it. So, now it will look like this: The Sex Surge ®.

You’ll probably get fucking bored with reading it that way, but I have to follow my own rules, ya know. So, please forgive me, but I’m excited that this happened.

Which leads me to this news….

The Sex Surge® book will hopefully be published in late October/early November of this year. I have finally hired an editor and someone to layout the book and we will be working together to get it done and into your hot little hands later this Fall!

One thing I want you to know is that this book is not going to a big publishing house (at least not yet). It will be ‘print on demand,’ (i.e. probably Amazon) and also a PDF download. I know that ‘PDF download’ sounds like an archaic format, but many women have been unable to work with me because of privacy concerns – i.e. having my name or business name or anything about sex or affairs showing up on their bank or credit card statement and they might face backlash (even abuse) from their partner about it. A PDF download will make it possible to purchase the book (still figuring out how to make that as private as possible), rename the file to something boring, and then women can read it when they feel safe about doing so. This is, honestly, the biggest reason why I have not sought a ‘proper’ publisher. I want every woman to have access to this, even if it means hiding it so she can safely read it at another time.

I was gonna say ‘the book is finally going to be born and we have a due date’ but I think it’s more fitting to say: the book is the orgasm, and it’s about to come!

The last thing I want to talk about today is something a little more personal, but deeply relevant to the work I do here. I have tried to balance the needs of my Sex Surge® ladies and my mid-life hormone ladies for a long time with the content and offerings here. And I have leaned on the hormone side of stuff because it was easy. Easy to pull the content from what I’ve read and learned in my own hormones journey. Easy to write it because it was practical and far less emotionally-involved than the sex stuff. And an easy fall back when my brain was too tired. But it hasn’t sat right with me for a long time. And I finally figured out why.

The best work I do is about the transformation that happens at mid-life.
This includes the Sex Surge® work, because so often that has been about Life forcing us to transform.

The transformation at mid-life might include stuff about hormones or exercise or sleep or nourishment.
It might also be about digging into our deepest heart and speaking some serious truth.
Mid-life transformation can also be about relationships, work, boundaries, opening up to new paths and ideas.
Mid-life transformation is almost always about being in our own, unique kind of power.

And so I am going to start focusing on that: mid-life power. Right now it is the biggest circle that holds everything I do and is the thing I feel most excited about. The Sex Surge® stuff will not go away! The hormones and mid-life stuff will not go away! It will now just be from the perspective of what I love most about this work: women defining and owning their sense of self, their wisdom, and their power as they move through mid-life.

I am grateful for those of you who have travelled along this path with me and I hope you’ll stay as we pivot a bit and move in a slightly new direction. I think it’s going to be fabulous.

Big love and deep gratitude,
Joanna :: xoxo



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