One-Time Sex Surge Consult

When I was going through the Sex Surge, I desperately wanted someone to talk to-
someone who had answers.

I had a very good friend who went through it at the same time I did, but neither of us really knew what was going on, or why, or how to deal with it. It was great to have an understanding ear, but…man, oh, man…we would have liked some information to help us deal with our questions and stop bumbling through it, mistake by mistake.

If you’re like me, you have probably searched all over the internet trying to find out what the heck is going on with you and your libido. I did the exact same thing.

And, probably like you, found that there was virtually no information about this libido surge anywhere. Yeah, a few chat rooms with suggestions like, “watch porn and get a vibrator.” I wanted to growl, “Thanks! I couldn’t have thought of that myself! Could you please tell me what to do about my marriage and my sexual desire? Because that is worrying me to no end!”

Since no one was talking about this hormone surge, I decided I would.

I started researching the heck out of what was going on with me. Books, scientific journal articles, websites, women’s sexuality and healthcare groups- I scoured everywhere I could think of- and more than a few places off the beaten path (ahem).

I also learned anything I could about desire, women’s brain function (and men’s!), libido over the lifetime, addiction, testosterone, estrogen, women’s psychology, sexual shame, fantasy, relationships, sex and sexual expression, sexual traditions like Tantra and Taoist practices, and anything that seemed relevant in the moment.

Over the course of seven years, I became the expert on the Sex Surge. Because I wanted to be able to answer your questions in the way no one could for me when I was dealing with it.

And that is what the One-Time Consult is about: answering your questions.

Giving you the expert advice I never had. Helping you figure this stuff out without going crazy. Finding answers that suit your life and your needs. Helping you make the best of the Sex Surge.

What it is

In a private Skype or phone session (where everything is confidential), you will have up to 90 minutes to chat with me, where we focus on your specific story and needs.

The session includes information and explanations about the Surge, tips for dealing with your unique issues, and tools to manage your specific symptoms (not enough sex, can’t stop thinking about sex, feelings of guilt or fear, confusion, etc.).

The Consult is a place and time for you to tell your whole story- all the pieces, all the complexities and conundrums- and be heard and seen, without judgement. And then we find the right tools to help you fix things and be more in control.

“Joanna, our conversation was the most enriching during my trying times. The Surge was driving me crazy before I contacted you. I was confused and would have messed up my life. Your counseling about the Surge has helped me more than you can imagine. Now I am confident that whatever decision I make, I will not regret. May you receive more blessings as you help other women who are experiencing the Surge.”
–R., Kenya

“Talking with you has really helped me understand what’s going on, and why. And most importantly that I’m not crazy- this is a real thing!” – T., Paris “After searching for ages, I finally found Joanna’s page about the Sex Surge. I was worried I was some kind of freak (because when I told my doctor about it, she looked at me like I was from another planet). After our session, I knew how I wanted to use my sexy energy- and that this could be fun.”
– C., California

[To read more about what it’s like to work with me, click here]

What You Get

As a result of the consultation, you can expect to get:

* An understanding of what is going on, and why, in the Surge

* The feeling of a giant exhale and release as you are able to tell your whole story to someone who really gets it

* Information and tools to help you get over feelings of guilt, frustration, and fear

*Tools to help you share this stage with your partner so you don’t have to hide anymore.

* Deep but simple questions to help you decide about an affair; tools to get out of one with as little damage as possible; clarity about how an affair might help (we can also discuss ‘open marriage’ if you’re curious about that option)

*Take-home tools so your desire and sexy energy create good things in your life

*Discuss what you want to change or experiment with and ways to move forward while in the Surge so you can feel confident and strong.

For this one-time consult, you get up to 90 minutes for the price of 60 minutes.

This private consultation is so useful and valuable 80% of my clients only need this one session.

When I was going through the Surge, I often daydreamed about what I would pay just to talk to someone for a couple of hours, get all my answer, and feel better about things. I realized I would pay a lot, upwards of $800. I would have to save, but I would do it, because it would be so useful to me.

In this session, you are getting the $800 answer to all your questions. Luckily, the consult is way cheaper: $147.00 (USD) for up to 90 minutes of time. When we talk, know that you are getting seven years of research, seven years of my personal experience on the topic, and the wisdom of all the women I’ve talked to over the years. You’re going to walk away from the One-Time Consult with the tools and information you need to make the changes that will help you the most.

[After talking, if you feel you need another consult, we can schedule a 60 minute consult at the regular rate of $147.00 (USD). If you want deeper guidance or support, check out  my extended coaching package- please see my 6 month package deal here.]

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What To Do Next

If you’re ready to book a 90-minute Sex Surge consult, hit the ‘Schedule here’ button below. The cost for the one-time consult is $147.00 USD.

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Currently, client appointments are primarily on Thursdays, with some availability on Weds and Fridays (see calendar). If you have trouble finding an appointment, please email me- I am flexible.

Bonus: If you decide to coach with me after your consult, you get a $100 discount off the price of your coaching package.

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