#midlifesatisfaction :: I give my love to you

#midlifesatisfaction :: I give my love to you

I don’t know what exactly to write to you today. I am a mix of ideas: vitamin D? why your affair person will always be awesomer than anyone else? where ADD, hypothyroid, and depression overlap?

But those ideas are all just information.
Which is helpful; I won’t deny that.
(And I will write about all those topics, I promise!)

What I want to share with you today is just my bare heart.

I want to sit with you, over a cup of tea and a handful of chocolate chip cookies, and tell you:

hormone shit is hard sometimes. it can make you feel messed up in the worst ways. and even though our nature as women is to be cyclical and circuitous, it doesn’t necessarily make life easier to know that. and especially to live it. and that’s okay.

you’re doing a great job! whatever is going on, I know you are trying your best. and I know it’s hard some days. but I really want you to know that I see you- and you’re doing great. (how do I know? because everyone is trying their hardest to be happy. we’re all trying hard. and we’re all doing our best at any given moment.)

it’s okay to rest. there are a lot of messages out there about how resting is selfish or whatever. but that’s horse poop. resting is necessary for the full and useful functioning of mind, body, and spirit. here, have another cookie and rest.




I think you’re beautiful. you’ve never been so smart, capable, or creative as you are now. you love your family and friends, you take care of them, you do your work, and you find space to smile and laugh and cry and question. you are a blessing to your world. and you’re so…very…beautiful.

we need each other. as Ram Das says: “we’re all just walking each other home.” what that means to me is that we are here to help each other. we are here to share our wounds, to recognize each other in our brokenness, and to love. the more we connect, the better we can be.

listen to your heart. yes, that is a Roxette song from my junior-high years. but I think it is also the greatest truth and action we can take in mid-life. even if doing this brings hard lessons, there is no real satisfaction without it.

I often wish I could wrap all of you in a giant hug. And that is particularly true today. Thank you for opening the blog posts and newsletters and reading them. For sharing it with others. And for working so damn hard to have a good life. You’re amazing and I am grateful.

Big hugs,


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  1. KP says:

    Love that! And – back at ya – You are truly amazing and I am grateful too!

  2. Trisha says:

    Love this, love your beautiful mind. Sign me up!

  3. melissa says:

    Thank you for this today Joanna. You are a blessing in this world. Glad you’re in mine. xo

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