when your boobs are on fire

when your boobs are on fire

a collage of words, textures, and hand drawn breasts with the words 'when your boobs are on fire' on the top layer

This is a post for everybody! My peri-menopause ladies aaaand my Sex Surge ladies. Because the boobs can be on fire for each group- but for very different reasons.

I was scrolling through my social media feed last week and someone mentioned how her chest hurt so badly in the days before PMS that even the air felt painful. She had to just quietly lay there, with nothing on, and let the pain wash through her system…and maybe try to get some sleep…if things ever stopped hurting.

There is a hormonal reason for this fiery boob-ness.

And it is (drum roll please!): lack of progesterone.

Lack of progesterone leads to a variety of peri-menopause symptoms, including the Boobs of Painfulness. When there isn’t enough progesterone, you can feel like your PMS is getting worse, have headaches near to your cycle, irregular cycles, bloating during your PMS (yeah, you don’t have be bloated if you get enough progesterone!), disrupted sleep, cysts or polyps (ovarian, breasts, endometrial)…among other things.

So, if you’re dealing with this particular symptom- progesterone is the culprit! Get your progesterone levels up and the symptoms should reduce/disappear.



But as I started to think about what it’s like to have your ‘boobs on fire’ I also started thinking about the Sex Surge.

And how, at the height of it, my boobs were basically on fire, too- but in a different way. Good gracious, my boobs wanted some action. They were like homing devices for seeking sex.

(Okay, not really. I would have taken any guy who was attractive to me (and 1 or 2 chicks!)- my radar for good dudes was on the fritz during the Sex Surge.)

I was definitely in the “Ohmygod, please just touch me!!” realm with my body and my boobs.

And while the Sex Surge is hormonal- dealing with this problem is not.

How to deal with the Sexy Boob Heat produced during the Sex Surge?
Try some nipple stimulation. 

Oh, hey. 

So, one of the grand things you can do (or just experiment with) is to see if you can orgasm from nipple stimulation and breast play all. by. themselves.

You can pinch your nipples with varying pressures- see what you like. You can also experiment with where on the nipple it feels good (end of the nipple? middle?). You can press or massage the areola or breast tissue. You can see if constant pressure or alternating pressure is preferable. If you have a partner (or are awesome flexible) you can see if you like having your nipples sucked, bitten (gentle or hard?), or rolled on the tongue. And so much more…

Is it getting hot in here?
*fans self

Some women find that stimulating their breasts causes muscle contractions in their uterus and some feel a direct connection from nipples/breasts to their clitoris. Which is why you can get an orgasm from nipple stimulation. Very enjoyable for you or you + your partner. And, if nothing else, you’re getting more familiar with your boobs and maybe giving your chest a nice massage.

Of course, it sounds like more fun to talk about nipple stimulation than lack of progesterone. But the fact is, both apply to the two groups I serve here. Some of the Sex Surge ladies will have lower progesterone sometimes, and some of the peri-menopause ladies may find they like exploring nipple play when their breasts don’t hurt as much.

If you need help with your sensitive and/or sexy boobs, I’m here to help. There are lots of ways to increase progesterone. And there are lots of ways to deal with the Sex Surge. And I know how to help with both.



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