Use Your Wisdom Like a Catapult

Use Your Wisdom Like a Catapult

use your wisdom like a catapult

Women are so amazing. For about a million reasons. But most especially because we are great learners. Have you ever noticed that, since the time you started your cycle, you have learned something new each month?

Probably for the first couple of years of your cycle it was scary- you weren’t really sure what was happening, or when. But, eventually (maybe even rather quickly for some of us) our cycle settled down into whatever would be ‘routine’ for us. We gathered data about each cycle as we went through them and figured out what our ‘normal’ was.

As the years pass, we get through each cycle and make little notes- one month it was a little short, one month it was a day longer (pregnancy scare is a universal experience!), had bad cramps for a few months but it resolved, etc. We prepared ourselves as we learned things- when to have the gigantic tampons available, when we needed extra sleep, when we need to back off the coffee, or when we need a very hot bath and a good book.

All that we have learned is serving us well in mid-life, as our cycles begin to change again. Perhaps very slowly at first- little blips in the cycle, little slides in our emotions- but then more obviously as we get closer to peri-menopause. And it’s all because we’ve gathered years of wisdom about ourselves and our cycle that we can say, “uh, something’s up” as we begin the journey of peri-menopause.

This skill of noticing, learning, and applying the knowledge is called wisdom. And it’s one of the best tools you have if you want to change something in your life.

Last week I talked about perseverance as a big tool in the New Years/self-change journey. Wisdom is its equally useful cousin. Actually, wisdom might come before perseverance in usefulness because you have to know what you’re doing before you do it!


a black and white photo of a catapult with the words 'launch yourself' above the machine as a metaphor for meeting goals


Using your wisdom can be like a catapult for reaching your goals- you can pull the wisdom back, bringing it into your life and creating tension as you prepare to use it. And then release it and use the force of wisdom to help you fly over old obstacles and hit your target goals. Just like you have pretty much every month of your menstrual life.

Wisdom helps us with our goals because we can take what we’ve learned in our past about failing to reach our goal and apply it to reach the goal this time. Case in point: If I don’t send my holiday cards out by the first week of December, they don’t get sent. So……guess who didn’t get her cards out this year? Moi.

But I can take that learning (I really do want to send cards out!) and make a plan to reach the goal next year. Which, not coincidentally, happens to be the reason I didn’t get the cards out this year- I didn’t employ my wisdom from the previous year (when I did get the cards out on time)!

So, I got into my electronic calendar today and put in little reminders and tasks- scheduled for late November- to  make sure I get the cards bought, signed, and out the door on time. (I think I’m also going to start bullet journalling this year, so I put it in my ‘future calendar’ as well!)

Not only did I do this for holiday cards, but I also applied some wisdom and blocked out time for me and the hubs to talk about December activities (what do we want to do? and when?), and I blocked out a little time for my own holiday delights (one shopping trip and lunch with myself). Applying my learning now means I will have less struggle later on.

You can apply the same principles to any goal you have this year, or at any time. 

What do you know about this journey already (especially if it is related to changing diet or exercise)?

What stopped you last time? What do you need to get around/over/under/through the same obstacle next time?

What supports or resources do you know you need this time/next time around?

What would help you really enjoy the process as you reach the goal?

What have you tried in the past that has worked? How can you create more of that?

Gather your wisdom inside yourself. You know a lot already about how to succeed in your life- about what tools and information you have, about how you work – what your unique strengths and assets are. Gather the wisdom, apply it, and watch yourself actually make steps forward. You got this, wise woman!



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