Twenty-Minute Intro Call


Here are the deets on this quick, get-to-know-you call.

This is not exactly a coaching call. It’s more about letting you paint the picture of what’s going on with your Sex Surge, hormones, mid-life conundrums, or what’s happening in your affair (or desire for one) so we can get a clearer picture of what the problem is. Then we look at options for what might help you the most. If I have resources for your dilemma, I share them. Sometimes those resources involve working with me, sometimes they don’t.

Also, we make sure my voice doesn’t annoy you. That’s important because sometimes I make terrible jokes.
I have also been known to swear like a sailor.

If you wanna have a quick chat, click on the “Schedule Appointment” button, below. (This call does not cost anything, but I have to use the fancy-schmancy button so you can get to my calendar!) It’s free.

When you click the button, it opens my online calendar where you can choose your own appointment time. You can also choose to download an event to your iCal or Google calendar.

Currently, client appointments are primarily on Thursdays, with some availability on Weds and Fridays (see calendar). If you have trouble finding an appointment, please email me- I can be flexible!

Wanna book a quickie? Hit the “Schedule Appointment” button.

Schedule Appointment


Other options for working with me:

One-Time Sex Surge Consultation

“My Life Is Falling Apart!” Let’s Fix That. Three Month Coaching Package

Mid-Life Satisfaction Six Month Coaching Package


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