The Ancient Art of Klittra

The Ancient Art of Klittra

woman on a bed in a position that suggests masturbation or klittra

The ancient art of klittra. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is!

Klittra is a word that was created by a request of the  Swedish Association for Sexuality Equality (RFSU) when they wanted to describe ‘female masturbation.’


The SASE held a contest to create the new word. (I wish I knew what the other contestant words were…) They chose ‘klittra’ because it combined ‘clitoris’ (for obvs reasons) and ‘glitter’ (to remind humans that the clitoris is for pleasure).

Why are we talking about this today?
Because klittra is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And because we need a better word, a funner and easier word, than ‘masturbation.’

Klittra helps in at least two ways in mid-life.

First, if you’re having dryness or pain with sex due to decreased estrogen, a little klittra can help you figure out if you (and maybe your partner) need a new technique to get your body warmed up for sex. You can conduct a few klittra experiments and help your partner understand where the best spots have moved to.

You can also practice klittra when you want to get it on, but need a little extra warm-up before the partner play gets going. One of my favorite herbalists says 7 orgasms a week helps balance hormones. She doesn’t care if you have them all in one day or spread them out.

Klittra is also super helpful as a tool for the Sex Surge. When your libido is high and you need to take the edge off, klittra is a great way to do that. It can be done just about anywhere (be careful, though!) and takes just a few minutes to find release and get yourself back to yourself. Yes, I am a klittra fan and practitioner. It helped me keep my cool so many times during the Surge, I can’t tell you.



Now…some women feel ashamed or worried or guilty about doing a little klittra. Or about getting a vibrator or other sex toy (I know, a little scary for some of you!) to enhance the experience. But here’s what I believe- klittra keeps a lot of women happy and healthy- and probably protects a few marriages during the Sex Surge. Giving yourself the pleasure and release of an orgasm is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. Your body is yours alone, and it’s okay to take pleasure in it. Klittra is just one of the ways we do that, and its okay.

If I had any tips about klittra I would just say this- enjoy it for whatever it is, each time is different. Sometimes I’m all about the ‘quickie with myself’ during the middle of the day. Sometimes klittra is more of a ritual for me- with a shower, lotions, and luxurious bedding. Let it be what it needs to be, let it be what you want. Your desire is the most fun and important thing you can tune into for a good klittra session.



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  1. Annette says:

    I like the new word.

    I know for myself it did help not only to save my marriage, but I learned a lot about myself too. I have become more vocal with my husband about what I want, and not just go along for the ride which has made it much more enjoyable for both of us.

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