Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I am so grateful for having discovered this site!! It is the only place where I feel like someone understands. Thank you so much for creating this space where we can come and share this most intimate, most amazing, but most torturesome secret!” 



“More women need to hear these stories and understand that awakening sexuality and being a sensual and sexual being IS sacred and blessedly natural. Thanks for sharing.” -Deb



“Joanna is the person I feel most comfortable discussing my Sex Surge with. She understands how distracting and embarrassing this hormonal spike is for me, and she’s helping me see that I’m not alone – there are ways I can deal with this without losing my mind or my self-respect! I don’t know what I’d do without her humor and advice.” 


British Columbia

“Your work sure does matter. When you are so bravely open about sexuality issues, that opens the door for other women to be open about their experiences, even if theirs are different. -Camille



I love the way that you relate things…you are a major mentor/teacher in my life! 



Thanks for this, Joanna. I think for most of us it is difficult to do or feel something. We always think of everything else that we should do, and don’t have time for ourselves. It is nice to have permission.” 



“Joanna, our conversation was the most enriching during my trying times. The Surge was driving me crazy before I contacted you. I was confused and would have messed up my life. Your counseling about the Surge has helped me more than you can imagine. May you receive more blessings as you help other women who are experiencing the Surge.” 



“Joanna’s kindness and understanding helped me see that there was a way to tell my husband about what was happening. That I could ask for what I wanted. And that some of my fantasies could come true. What a relief!” 



“After searching for ages, I finally found Joanna’s page about the Sex Surge. I was worried I was some kind of freak…After our session, I knew how I wanted to use my sexy energy- and that this could be fun.” 


California, USA

“Talking with you has really helped me understand what’s going on, and why. And most importantly that I’m not crazy-this is a real thing!” 



“Hi Joanna, You are such an incredible person. Your post is beautiful. This post is the summary of the beauty I saw as I read your blog before we spoke. It’s the beauty I receive every time we talk during my sessions. It’s the beauty that both humbles and empowers me. It’s this beautiful part of you that makes you so incredible. To find this in a normal human being is so rare. That is why I feel so fortunate to be able to see your beauty. I see ugly far too often. You bring hope in many forms to so many. I’m grateful I somehow found you.”


Washington, USA

“Hi Joanna, I wanted to thank you again for all of your help and guidance for the past 6 months. Over that time, I feel that I have not only learned a lot but have grown too…Speaking to you the first time you were kind and comforting, assuring me that there were solutions that would help. Slowly we worked on The Sex Surge issue, then I told you about them…the monsters that have always haunted me. Slowly we worked on them too, one at a time and one by one they became smaller and smaller. Over the past 6 months, it made me realize that a lot of my marriage we were just existing, but now we are really a couple. Almost every night, we talk about something different, and we do more things together, even if it is our movie night…You have helped me to really be me and if people don’t like it, then that is their problem…Most of all, you have given me the tools that will help guide me down the road of life. Thanks again for everything, Joanna You Rock!” -Annette, CO



“Joanna has healed my soul. She has guided and lifted my spirit. When Joanna welcomed me and offered me support and coaching a year ago, I told her I was broken. I was depressed, full of anxiety, and exhausted. My marriage was failing, I was avoiding spending time with my children, and I had thoughts, time to time, about taking my own life. I didn’t know exactly what I needed but I knew I needed help…

I quickly noticed that Joanna was helping me instinctively. She did what no other professional I have ever seen has done. She picked up on my unsaid thoughts and feelings and encouraged me to cry. She spoke with compassion, kindness, and when needed, humor. Instantly, I was put at ease as she pointed out that I truly was “not broken.” That I was worthy of feeling whole again and that I didn’t need to worry on my own anymore.

From a pile of broken pieces, Joanna has given me the support, courage, and tools I so desperately needed to put myself back together a little at a time…. She has guided me to listen to myself and to believe that I know how to make the right choices that make sense to me. Because of her support, I am confident and strong…I am a warrior.

With Joanna by my side I have dug deep within myself. I have visited my demons, sat, soothed, and listened to my inner child, and have faced my fears head on. I know how to make myself happy and don’t need to seek it out from others. I have worked very hard and have never once regretted challenging myself, being accountable, or speaking my truth. I have learned the importance of self-care, sleep, and knowing that I am capable of creating my own happiness.

I am not the person I was when I started a year ago, and I will never be that person again. My marriage has hope, my children are cherished, and I love myself! I have worked, shaped, and molded myself and have evolved into someone who is full and fulfilled. I have acquired an awareness about myself, my capabilities, and how to navigate my life as a whole person. Joanna Meriwether has been my spirit guide, my coach, mentor, supporter, and cheerleader for a year now and I cannot imagine what my life would have looked like had I never met her.”