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a large wave crashing on some rocks with the words 'mid-life and overwhelm' across the top

Overwhelm + Mid-Life

Last week I was feeling particularly overwhelmed- a deadline for the book was looming, we have a new dog and my schedule had to change to accommodate her a bit better, the kids were not quite back in the school groove, I had a looong list of tiny thing that weren’t getting done, and an…
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a notebook with coffee stains on the pages as a symbol of having no energy

When it’s Tuesday and you’ve got no energy

Mid-life and all it’s responsibilities: self, partner, kids, parents, community, school, work, etc. The need and pressure to deal with it all can feel like it’s constantly dragging us down. Hormonal shifts: angry, tired, maybe depressed, maybe anxious, hotter than F, can’t sleep, etc. OMG, how do we even deal with this on top of…
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p . o . r . n .

Last week we talked about Jesus, this week we’re talking about pornography. What can I say? I’m a multi-faceted gal. If you feel offended by porn or worried about it, I would ask you to read this post anyway and let me know what you think afterwards- leave me a comment, below. Because porn, like…
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What’s your style: dog, bunny, or squirrel?

[Totally just realized that title would make a great sex joke! :o) Alas, not today…] One of the presentations I teach for my local health insurance company is called “Stress Management is Medicine.” Stress causes or exacerbates lots of health problems. We know it is a factor in heart disease (especially for women), Type 2…
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