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picture of a woman laying down in a concrete parking lot, not sure which way to go

The Most Important Thing I Know About Peri-menopause and The Sex Surge

Not joking. Not exaggerating. What I have to tell you today is literally the most important thing I know about both peri-menopause and the Sex Surge. I will start this by saying that I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Not ‘bad’ stuff- but ‘clarifying’ stuff. Some of it is that I’ve gotten super sick…
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Let me tell you about this tattoo… :: Sex Surge Class ::

Every tattoo has a story. I got this one when I was going through the Sex Surge®.     Nine years ago, my libido started changing. Drastically. Like, through the roof, drastically. I felt like the stereotypical 18 year-old boy: thinking about sex all the time, wanting as much as I could get. My poor…
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The ‘Big R,’ the book, and #midlifepower :: a delightful mish-mash

So, when I first started dealing with the Sex Surge, I knew I needed to protect it. Not to be territorial or gross, but just to say, “I named this and defined it and I will accept no substitutes.” Rawr! So, I applied for a trademark for the phrase last year. And two weeks ago,…
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a woman with her hands cradling a flower as a symbol of mid-life power

The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself At Mid-Life

Quite a bold title, right? Well, I am sticking to it, because that’s how important I think this message is. And because I hate those people who beat around the bush with useless details so as to draw out the moment of revelation, here it is: The best thing you can do for yourself at…
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