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a road that is partly in darkness heading towards sunlight with the words 'say yes' across the pathway

Say ‘yes.’

I had a really stressful day a couple of weeks ago and I decided on a new resolution for the year: more baths. I had just finished the first full draft of my Sex Surge® book and I needed a shot of tequila, a slice of cake, a long, hot bath, and a good stress…
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altar candles burning with the words "Religion and the Sex Surge' at the top

Religion and the Sex Surge

The Sex Surge can be really overwhelming and frustrating- even at the same time that it’s fun and exciting. And if you are a woman who deeply identifies with her religion, especially some forms of Christianity (both Catholicism and Protestantism, and also other branches like Mormonism), the Sex Surge can have an added layer of…
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the grace of the darkness :: a solstice ritual

This is, essentially, a re-post of something I wrote last year. It’s about how the holidays are not always the bringers of joy we hope and wish they would be. Sometimes, the holidays are awful because we are grieving or carrying something difficult in our hearts. I will tell you – this is the first…
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The Energetic Barf

This is one of my favorite tools EVER. :o) So, you know when you feel gross after an interaction with someone? As if something just threw slime all over you? Yeah, that one. Maybe it’s an external slime- the kind where you feel dirty and like you should wash yourself off. With that external slime feeling, I can…
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