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this is the number that matters [not your weight].

One of the many things I get tired of seeing, get tired of having pushed on me, is the notion that a certain body weight or size or number on the scale equals health. Besides my coaching here, I do public health education presentations for a local health insurance company. I love it- love talking…
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two hands clutching each other with the words "the thing about loving two people" imposed over them

the thing about loving two people

I am never quite sure whether I can say that I loved my FF or not. I cared about him a lot. I wanted what was best for him (as much as I thought I knew what that was). I had a super case of The Hots for him. I worried about him and wanted…
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something bright and lovely

The visual signs of Spring have finally arrived at my house. The rain has come (in buckets, some days) and the flowers are blooming. My daffodils are full yellow-faced joy, the maple tree is showing red buds, and the fuzzy green grass is starting to come up. And I was struck by how good everything…
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So, I put on my black boots…and I walked.

Some of you may have heard of a little protest two weeks ago- a yoga pants protest- in a small town called Barrington, Rhode Island. It is the town next to where I live, and you can see a video about the protest here (you can see me chatting on the lower left side between…
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