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a background of various package labels with the words 'Using labels for better love' superimposed on the top

Using Labels for Better Love

It was the second day of our honeymoon and I was sitting on a couch in the cabin we were at, curled up in his arms, crying my eyes out. “I don’t want to be your wiiiiiiiife….” I sobbed. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “I really, really don’t want to be your wife,”…
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Your Sex [Or Lack Of] Will Change The World

If you hadn’t already noticed, I think women are amazing. We have made amazing achievements, we have these bodies capable of making humans (for those of us with uteruses!), we deal with weird hormonal cycles like it’s basically nothing, and we handle a lot of stuff in our world- people, projects, emotions, hard situations. I…
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a large green plant in a red planter with the words "Marriage is not a contract" across the middle

marriage is not a contract, it’s a topiary

Back in early August, I had a conversation with an Ethics professor, Ellen Stansell, and wrote a post about what she shared with me. We talked a lot about how the ethics of the culture most Americans and Western-society folks live in is quite limited. We talked about affairs (read the post) and about what…
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a female body being hugged from behind by another person and their arms wrapped around her mid-section with the words "sex, truth, and safety" at the top of the picture

sex + truth + safety

When I was going through the Sex Surge®, I read a lot of erotica. It was a non-destructive way to release some of my own sexual tension through scenarios that were different (or similar) to what I had been imagining with various lovers. There are a million types of erotica. Some involve siblings, mind control,…
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