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a woman standing near a ocean as a metaphor for changing sexuality and welcoming sexual expression at mid-life

sexual exploration and expression at mid-life

Or: when you’re a heterosexual woman and you start finding other women sexy. So, I could try and write some kind of ‘think piece’ about how some famous women have discovered they have new sexual identities when they hit mid-life – Glennon Doyle comes to mind – but I don’t want to. I want to…
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the safety dance

This is one of those posts where I feel I have to tell you something because it was such an obvious trend in the last week. I heard the same thing from two friends. And three people in a Facebook group. And two women conversing at a local tea shop (sorry! I was eavesdropping!). I…
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black and white picture of an open book with the words 'the rest of the story' above

…the rest of the story

When I was a kid, we used to listen to a broadcaster named Paul Harvey who had a daily vignette called ‘The Rest of the Story.’ In his vignettes, he would share the back story or a handful of other details that painted a broader picture of some important story of the day. Today we…
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the cure for [holiday] pressure.

So, it’s still officially the first week of December, but I bet if you think ahead a little bit, you’ll find that you suddenly begin to feel pressure about what’s coming up in the rest of this month. Time pressure. Gift pressure. Money pressure. Family pressure. Party pressure. And that feeling of pressure lives somewhere…
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