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A cassette tape with the words "Rewind: What happens when the Surge is done?" underneath the image

An old favorite: What happens when the Surge is done?

I was asked about today’s topic by six different people in the last two weeks, so I figure it’s time to bring it out again. This is a re-boot of an old post about what happens when the Sex Surge is finished and some thoughts on the libido drop associated with peri-menopause. It’s a video…
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Let me tell you about this tattoo… :: Sex Surge Class ::

Every tattoo has a story. I got this one when I was going through the Sex Surge®.     Nine years ago, my libido started changing. Drastically. Like, through the roof, drastically. I felt like the stereotypical 18 year-old boy: thinking about sex all the time, wanting as much as I could get. My poor…
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a background with colorful circles and the words "the big R, the book, and mid-life power' across the middle

The ‘Big R,’ the book, and #midlifepower :: a delightful mish-mash

So, when I first started dealing with the Sex Surge, I knew I needed to protect it. Not to be territorial or gross, but just to say, “I named this and defined it and I will accept no substitutes.” Rawr! So, I applied for a trademark for the phrase last year. And two weeks ago,…
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altar candles burning with the words "Religion and the Sex Surge' at the top

Religion and the Sex Surge

The Sex Surge can be really overwhelming and frustrating- even at the same time that it’s fun and exciting. And if you are a woman who deeply identifies with her religion, especially some forms of Christianity (both Catholicism and Protestantism, and also other branches like Mormonism), the Sex Surge can have an added layer of…
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