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two hands holding each other with blue and red lighting and the words "The One Thing I Want People to Know About Affairs" near the top of the picture.

The One Thing I Want People To Know About Affairs

There is something I see online a lot about affairs and it drive me absolutely crazy. It is the sentiments that follow along this line: “Cheaters are selfish.” “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” “If they wanted to cheat, they should never have gotten married.” Here’s the one thing I want people to know about…
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When They Make You Feel Expansive

In my last blog post I talked about not getting ‘small’ for anyone, especially the FF (the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ when you’re in the Sex Surge®). I talked about not making less of your self, your growth, your desires, your intellect, or your personality so that you could connect with someone. It’s applicable in other places…
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a flower with open petals and the words "One Key to Bringing Out Your Sex Goddess Self" across the top

One Key to Bring Out Your Sex Goddess Self

He had been flirting with me all evening. He played ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ (“crazy little woman in a one man show”) while he did the dishes and wiggled up next to me as I was putting food away. I laughed and danced with him for a few minutes. When we were done, he…
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a person in an art studio with the words "the marriage box" on it

The Marriage Box

I was talking with a Sex Surge Consult client last week and was reminded of something that I don’t say enough: marriage is a box, but you can define that box any way you want, as long as you do it with your partner. One of my favorite sex and marriage therapists is Esther Perel.…
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