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Get Yourself a Girl Gang

When I was going through the Sex Surge, I felt like an immature, sex-crazed, weirdo. Until I found someone else who was going through it, too. When I found someone who would listen without judgement, I felt like I was not a freak anymore. When she shared that she, too, had the same problem, I…
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Two tools for more joy {and less trouble} during the holidays.

Tomorrow opens the holiday season here in America – Thanksgiving. And while many of us do give thanks, for our families + friends + resources, this day also often opens familial, political, and other cans of worms. I know the holiday season opens on other days in other parts of the world (and plenty of places don’t celebrate Christmas…
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When Your Partner Is Not Your Everything Anymore

There can come a startling realization at mid-life: that our spouse is no longer our everything. This realization is so hard to take that I think many people avoid it all together (‘let’s just continue on as we have…’). But for those who do allow this idea, feeling, or awareness to sit inside their minds,…
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