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two hands clutching each other with the words "the thing about loving two people" imposed over them

the thing about loving two people

I am never quite sure whether I can say that I loved my FF or not. I cared about him a lot. I wanted what was best for him (as much as I thought I knew what that was). I had a super case of The Hots for him. I worried about him and wanted…
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sun setting behind a dying plant with the words 'divorce at mid-life' over the top

divorce at mid-life

“What do you think about divorce at mid-life or in peri-menopause?” she asked me. I think she was wondering if I worried about hormones influencing women’s decisions in these stages of life. Could a woman’s estrogen or Sex Surge hormones cause her to make a bad decision? It’s an important question. And in this post I…
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a person in an art studio with the words "the marriage box" on it

The Marriage Box

I was talking with a Sex Surge Consult client last week and was reminded of something that I don’t say enough: marriage is a box, but you can define that box any way you want, as long as you do it with your partner. One of my favorite sex and marriage therapists is Esther Perel.…
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Can you hear me now?

When I first started my work as a health guide (educator? mentor? coach?) and writing this blog, I wrote monumental posts about all the things I cared about and believed about holistic health. (Back then I hadn’t yet focused on women’s hormones and the Sex Surge.) I wrote about holism- the concept of interacting systems…
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