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a background of various package labels with the words 'Using labels for better love' superimposed on the top

Using Labels for Better Love

It was the second day of our honeymoon and I was sitting on a couch in the cabin we were at, curled up in his arms, crying my eyes out. “I don’t want to be your wiiiiiiiife….” I sobbed. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “I really, really don’t want to be your wife,”…
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a large green plant in a red planter with the words "Marriage is not a contract" across the middle

marriage is not a contract, it’s a topiary

Back in early August, I had a conversation with an Ethics professor, Ellen Stansell, and wrote a post about what she shared with me. We talked a lot about how the ethics of the culture most Americans and Western-society folks live in is quite limited. We talked about affairs (read the post) and about what…
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a wall of eye glasses frames with the words "good and bad at mid-life might not be useful" across the middle

‘good’ and ‘bad’ at mid-life (might not be helpful)

I had a long chat with an Ethics professor on Monday. I’ve wanted to talk to someone who understands ethics and morality for *years* because of the Sex Surge. Are affairs moral or ethical? How do we make sense of them in American culture when other cultures are more tolerant of them? Can affairs ever…
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a see saw at a park with the words "when you play mom to your partner' across the top

when you play ‘mom’ to your partner

A couple of weeks ago at our house, this happened, for about the umpteenth time: Partner: “I am seriously hungry. Can you please help me? I’m not doing well.” Me: “Yes, totally. How about a PB&J?” Partner: “Yes, anything. Thank you.” And he slumped down in the chair, exhausted. I made him a peanut butter…
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