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two hands open and overlapping one another to hold a pink flower bud

How do you receive?

I was laying on the massage table, like linguine covered in olive oil. My arms, legs, and back were soft and calm, having been gently pressed and lengthened by my massage dude. He asked me, “How good are you at receiving?” ::: ::: ::: ::: He’s the kind of masseuse that listens to your body.…
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Five Books for Learning + Growth at Mid-Life

This week is an easy read- which might be a nice break considering all the heavy stuff we’ve been working with lately. (There is also a snow storm raging outside and I gotta make sure this is ready to roll in case the power goes out!) So, these are some resources that I turn to, again…
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The Right Answer is Not Always Easy

I am probably the only adult who doesn’t know this, but it occurred to me in a moment of reflection with a client a few days ago, and I thought it was worth sharing. There is no doubt in my mind that we have all had this experience – of knowing we must do the…
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Don’t be Small for Anyone.

Oh, I was going to write about herbs today and how not to make mistakes with them. (I will write about that next week!) But, I checked in with my heart, and it said ‘no’ to that topic. My heart said to talk about this instead: being a woman and not making ourselves small. When…
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