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Who do you wish you were?

I was putting away the things from Halloween this past week – getting ready for Thanksgiving here in America (because it’s about 2 weeks away and that means the pressure is on)- and I was taking apart my costume and sat looking at the bits and pieces. I was a witch for Halloween. But not…
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What’s your jet fuel?

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t had a rough time in life. We have all had something happen in our life that was difficult, painful, overwhelming, or traumatic. Sometimes that stuff is with family (which can make it even more complicated and painful). We expect that our family will understand and love us no matter…
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Back to the basics.

[Please excuse the lack of a post last week. Two people I admire died last week and it was Spring Break for my kids and…it just didn’t happen. Thanks for being patient.] Okay! As I said two weeks ago, we are going back to the body. And today that means we are also going back to…
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two hands open and overlapping one another to hold a pink flower bud

How do you receive?

I was laying on the massage table, like linguine covered in olive oil. My arms, legs, and back were soft and calm, having been gently pressed and lengthened by my massage dude. He asked me, “How good are you at receiving?” ::: ::: ::: ::: He’s the kind of masseuse that listens to your body.…
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