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a wall of eye glasses frames with the words "good and bad at mid-life might not be useful" across the middle

‘good’ and ‘bad’ at mid-life (might not be helpful)

I had a long chat with an Ethics professor on Monday. I’ve wanted to talk to someone who understands ethics and morality for *years* because of the Sex Surge. Are affairs moral or ethical? How do we make sense of them in American culture when other cultures are more tolerant of them? Can affairs ever…
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a woman with two different tennis shoes on her feet, walking on a balance beam as a metaphor for conflicting beliefs

Conflicting Things I Believe About Sex

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the chair at my salon, talking to my stylist. She was showing me a picture of old books about sex with ridiculous titles. I don’t even remember what they were, except they were pretty damn funny sixty years down the road. We started making jokes along the…
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green cliffs with a white waterfall and the words "what is mid-life power?" across the top

What is mid-life power?

I had the honor of giving a 4-week class on stress management at a law firm a few weeks ago. And the class was entirely women from the ages of 23 – 33 (I would guess). They had different jobs and different relationship levels inside and outside of work, I think one had kids. They…
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a background with colorful circles and the words "the big R, the book, and mid-life power' across the middle

The ‘Big R,’ the book, and #midlifepower :: a delightful mish-mash

So, when I first started dealing with the Sex Surge, I knew I needed to protect it. Not to be territorial or gross, but just to say, “I named this and defined it and I will accept no substitutes.” Rawr! So, I applied for a trademark for the phrase last year. And two weeks ago,…
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