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two red boxing gloves with the words "Using Anger Skillfully at Mid-Life" transposed over the top

Using Anger Skillfully at Mid-Life

Anger. It’s a thing in our life- in any human life. We know this. And we also know there are lots of cultural messages about how women are not supposed to get angry. Because we’re supposed to be ‘nice’ or ‘good’ or some other non-threatening thing. But..we get mad don’t we? Yes. And, especially in…
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picture of a woman laying down in a concrete parking lot, not sure which way to go

The Most Important Thing I Know About Peri-menopause and The Sex Surge

Not joking. Not exaggerating. What I have to tell you today is literally the most important thing I know about both peri-menopause and the Sex Surge. I will start this by saying that I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Not ‘bad’ stuff- but ‘clarifying’ stuff. Some of it is that I’ve gotten super sick…
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Your Sex [Or Lack Of] Will Change The World

If you hadn’t already noticed, I think women are amazing. We have made amazing achievements, we have these bodies capable of making humans (for those of us with uteruses!), we deal with weird hormonal cycles like it’s basically nothing, and we handle a lot of stuff in our world- people, projects, emotions, hard situations. I…
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One Big Thing I Learned in Paris

I didn’t write a post or send a proper newsletter last week because I was on vacation in Paris. We saved for a couple of years to be able to take the family and so…we reached our goal and we went! It was really an amazing experience. Of course, we saw the touristy things- the…
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