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[mid-life] body of knowledge

This is the second blog/newsletter in a series about mid-life, menopause, and how to feel well during this phase. (I wrote this several weeks ago, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was making its way across the world. If it seems a bit upbeat, it is. I would probably write something slightly more melancholy these days.…
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Feeling Good on the Peri-Menopause Journey

A favorite blogger of mine wrote recently that she wants to get through peri-menopause still feeling sexy about herself. But she wasn’t exactly sure what that was going to look like, or how she was going to do it- what tools to use. But it made me start thinking- how can we get through peri-menopause…
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The Art of Personal Change

So, it’s January, and that’s the time when a lot of folks (but not all!) are thinking about changes. I’m going to jump on that bandwagon, not just because it’s January, but because I think mid-life women are constantly grappling with change. Some of what we can look at is the science, but I’m far…
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a silver crown sitting on a shelf with the words "ten ways to use your mid-life energy for good" beneath the crown

Ten Ways to Use Your Mid-Life Energy for Good

I know mid-life is transitional in many ways, especially when your period starts changing and you realize that life is, in fact, changing. And it’s going to continue to change until we’ve made post-menopause our new normal. But I’m definitely getting to the point in my journey where some days feel a bit chaotic, like…
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