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light in a spiral over a beach scape as a symbol of moving forward with your life

the TYT sessions

One of the things I see, over and over again, in my practice and in the lives of mid-life women (especially mid-life women!) is the importance of telling the truth. Maybe this seems like an obvious statement, but – as women – we are so often encouraged to not tell the truth. It’s not just…
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small-leafed green plant with the words 'you're not crazy; mid-life mental health' imposed over the top

you’re not ‘crazy’ | mid-life mental health

One of the questions and worries I hear a lot from my consult clients is about whether they are ‘crazy.’ ‘Crazy,’ as in ‘mentally unhealthy.’ They are genuinely worried that something is wrong. Are they crazy because of how their brains are working/not working with peri-menopause? Are they crazy for wanting to leave everything they…
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a collage of words, textures, and hand drawn breasts with the words 'when your boobs are on fire' on the top layer

when your boobs are on fire

This is a post for everybody! My peri-menopause ladies aaaand my Sex Surge ladies. Because the boobs can be on fire for each group- but for very different reasons. I was scrolling through my social media feed last week and someone mentioned how her chest hurt so badly in the days before PMS that even…
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Can you hear me now?

When I first started my work as a health guide (educator? mentor? coach?) and writing this blog, I wrote monumental posts about all the things I cared about and believed about holistic health. (Back then I hadn’t yet focused on women’s hormones and the Sex Surge.) I wrote about holism- the concept of interacting systems…
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