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The Most Important Thing I Know About Peri-menopause and The Sex Surge

Not joking. Not exaggerating. What I have to tell you today is literally the most important thing I know about both peri-menopause and the Sex Surge. I will start this by saying that I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Not ‘bad’ stuff- but ‘clarifying’ stuff. Some of it is that I’ve gotten super sick…
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An old favorite: What happens when the Surge is done?

I was asked about today’s topic by six different people in the last two weeks, so I figure it’s time to bring it out again. This is a re-boot of an old post about what happens when the Sex Surge is finished and some thoughts on the libido drop associated with peri-menopause. It’s a video…
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Five Signs You Might Be In Peri-Menopause

Did that title just make you wither a little bit? Me, too. But, in all seriousness, as long as we’re alive and aging, menopause is going to happen. Even now, at 43, I’ve had some peri, peri, peri-menopause symptoms for a couple of years. These are the changes so small you might not even notice…
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what we are about.

It’s the second week of the Western new year and I hope you are all doing well. The turn of the new year is a time when we commit to change because we have mulled over the past year (or years) and looked at what we want our life to be- how we want it…
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