Category: mid-life issues

a dark, stormy sky with a tornado touching down in the distance as a metaphor for mid-life drama

Avoid the Drama Void

Today I want to talk about something that happened to me in the Sex Surge, and something that has happened to other clients, but I think it doesn’t happen for everyone. I am quite sure it also happens to women going through the Mid-Life Stuff, because mid-life just makes these things real clear sometimes. But…
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The ‘gifts’ of clarity

I was finishing up the Lilith class last week (about ways to manage the Surge energy) and I wrote to them about one of the experiences of the Sex Surge® that really shaped me. It was one of the best and most awful moments of my Surge experience. And lest you think this story only…
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What To Do When It’s Too Intense

The seasons are transitioning right now. For my Northern hemisphere friends, we are moving into Fall. For my Southern hemisphere friends, we are moving into Spring. Those can be intense times- for some folks it effects them physically and emotionally. Mid-life has a wide variety of intense moments, too. I can remember the most intense…
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One Big Thing I Learned in Paris

I didn’t write a post or send a proper newsletter last week because I was on vacation in Paris. We saved for a couple of years to be able to take the family and so…we reached our goal and we went! It was really an amazing experience. Of course, we saw the touristy things- the…
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