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#midlifesatisfaction :: I give my love to you

I don’t know what exactly to write to you today. I am a mix of ideas: vitamin D? why your affair person will always be awesomer than anyone else? where ADD, hypothyroid, and depression overlap? But those ideas are all just information. Which is helpful; I won’t deny that. (And I will write about all…
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Why You Hate Everyone and Think They’re Stupid

Because they are. End of blog. Thanks for reading! Okay, not really. (But actually, I do think that is a viable answer for some people. Some people are stupid. And they happen to sit next to you at work. Amiright?) Anyway… So, one thing I notice as I enter mid-life, and definitely very clearly from my…
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When Your Partner Is Not Your Everything Anymore

There can come a startling realization at mid-life: that our spouse is no longer our everything. This realization is so hard to take that I think many people avoid it all together (‘let’s just continue on as we have…’). But for those who do allow this idea, feeling, or awareness to sit inside their minds,…
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