Category: libido increase in women

the safety dance

This is one of those posts where I feel I have to tell you something because it was such an obvious trend in the last week. I heard the same thing from two friends. And three people in a Facebook group. And two women conversing at a local tea shop (sorry! I was eavesdropping!). I…
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a weathered wooden door painted white with green ivy vines attached to it with the words "what we are about' in the middle

what we are about.

It’s the second week of the Western new year and I hope you are all doing well. The turn of the new year is a time when we commit to change because we have mulled over the past year (or years) and looked at what we want our life to be- how we want it…
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a ticket booth as metaphor for traveling to sensuality

the gate you want to go through…but don’t

A dear friend from high school stopped over for tea on Monday. She and I were soul-buddies in high school, lost touch as we adulted, and then found each other again three or four years ago. Sometimes, a soul buddy remains a soul buddy your whole life. And so, when she comes over, we chat…
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a collage of words, textures, and hand drawn breasts with the words 'when your boobs are on fire' on the top layer

when your boobs are on fire

This is a post for everybody! My peri-menopause ladies aaaand my Sex Surge ladies. Because the boobs can be on fire for each group- but for very different reasons. I was scrolling through my social media feed last week and someone mentioned how her chest hurt so badly in the days before PMS that even…
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