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woman underwater, sinking in her emotions

Hormones and Self-esteem

Here’s just one of the things that is not that great about being a lady-person (you know, after patriarchy and low pay): every cycle, about 2 days into PMS, my self-esteem seems to go missing. She either takes a dramatic leap off a cliff, whining “you don’t loooooove meeeeee….” on the way down, or she goes…
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No Libido Left Behind: Wise Video Feedback

Last week I offered up my first video for this site (you can see it here) and I thank all of you who watched it and offered comments and feedback. I’m glad you found it helpful and I will be doing more videos, for sure. What I wanted to focus on today some really wise…
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Low Libido and Sex Surge Drop-off: Answering Your Q’s

Dudes! I made a video. And it was fun. And it answers the two biggest questions I get about libido: What happens when the Sex Surge is over? Where does the libido go? (on a bike? on a hike? out the door? forever more?) How do I deal with low libido? The first question does…
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480 times?!? No wonder you’re so tired.

Can you remember back to the days when you were worried about getting your first period? Maybe you read, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume? Maybe you heard stories from neighbors, sisters, or friends? Puberty was a bewildering time and we never knew when it would start. It was simply that…
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