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woman laying in bed with the covers pulled up to her ears, with the text 'Sleep, Stress, and Downtime' above her

Stress, sleep, and down time

There are three parts of the foundation of good health: adequate sleep, nutrition that works for your body, and movement that you enjoy (and therefore will do regularly!). Sleep is the most important, in my opinion. I bet you know this already though- when you get enough sleep you probably feel like a super hero.…
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Back to the basics.

[Please excuse the lack of a post last week. Two people I admire died last week and it was Spring Break for my kids and…it just didn’t happen. Thanks for being patient.] Okay! As I said two weeks ago, we are going back to the body. And today that means we are also going back to…
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open calendar on a desk with the words "cycle, hormones, mood" across the top

Cycle :: Hormones :: Moods

As women with menstrual cycles, we know that our hormones- and their shifts through the month- influence our moods. We can feel Suuuuper Awesoooome in parts of our cycle, or suuuuper crappy. We can have amazing clarity (like, RuPaul ‘Drag Race’ style honesty) in parts of our cycle, and also be really soft and quiet.…
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Your Clit + Continental Drift

Those two things are related, I promise. :o) So, in the last couple of weeks, I have gotten questions related to clitoral function and mid-life hormone shifts. We’re gonna talk about that. Now, I prefer to use the word ‘clit’ for clitoris. Some people like ‘point’ (which I kind of dig and will use in…
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