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dim lightbulb with hearts as shadows on the wall around it with the words "love: let me feed you" on it as a symbol of receiving love from others

love :: let me feed you

Sometimes I don’t know what to write to you ladies, so I get quiet and sit with myself, and ask my Inner Knowing: ‘what do my ladies need this week?’ Which is what I did today. And the answer was: love. Just love. ::: ::: ::: ::: So here’s the thing: I love you. I…
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use your wisdom like a catapult

Use Your Wisdom Like a Catapult

Women are so amazing. For about a million reasons. But most especially because we are great learners. Have you ever noticed that, since the time you started your cycle, you have learned something new each month? Probably for the first couple of years of your cycle it was scary- you weren’t really sure what was happening,…
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fun + thoughtful things

I know we are crazy busy these next couple of weeks, so today I’m offering some easy, fun stuff. I used to have a section in my newsletter called, “Joanna Recommends” but I got rid of it, because I couldn’t find quality things to share each week. Instead, I save them up for when I…
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first: fat. second: holiday stress. useful, I promise.

So. This is the second draft of this post/newsletter. And it’s the second draft, because in the first one I used the Fear of Fat to help motivate you to try a stress reduction technique. Yes. I did that.  Because what do we fear deeply in our health and wellness in Western culture? Getting fat and…
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