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a variety of colorful folded paper cranes as a symbol of unfolding yourself at mid-life

2019: let yourself unfold

The new year is coming. Many of us are grateful to get out of 2018 (someone on Facebook said, “2018 has been a very long decade” and I totally feel that, do you?). But with the new year comes a lot of expectations. The greatest of which is that something will be different- capital D,…
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a notebook with coffee stains on the pages as a symbol of having no energy

When it’s Tuesday and you’ve got no energy

Mid-life and all it’s responsibilities: self, partner, kids, parents, community, school, work, etc. The need and pressure to deal with it all can feel like it’s constantly dragging us down. Hormonal shifts: angry, tired, maybe depressed, maybe anxious, hotter than F, can’t sleep, etc. OMG, how do we even deal with this on top of…
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an important tool for self love and mid-life power

There are three places I want to start this post. I want to tell you that for years I worked with self-help books and therapy to look at, heal, and grow from stuff that was broken inside me. I want to tell you that I’ve only really started the practice of loving myself in the…
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when things are intense/crazy

I was thinking last week about what’s happening on the Earth right now (weather-wise) and how it’s an intense summer in the Northern hemisphere and in the middle of winter for my ladies in the Southern hemisphere. And while the middle of summer and the middle of winter are complete opposites, weather-wise, they are both…
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