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two cups of coffee on a wooden table in a cafe with the words 'your needs, my heart' at the top

your needs, my gifts

I think this might be true for many women, but I come from a long line of fixers and doers and healers. My great-grandma, A, was a woman I remember very little of, except that she was the first to figure out I had Type 1 diabetes. She knew I needed healing. And if I…
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this is the number that matters [not your weight].

One of the many things I get tired of seeing, get tired of having pushed on me, is the notion that a certain body weight or size or number on the scale equals health. Besides my coaching here, I do public health education presentations for a local health insurance company. I love it- love talking…
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what we are about.

It’s the second week of the Western new year and I hope you are all doing well. The turn of the new year is a time when we commit to change because we have mulled over the past year (or years) and looked at what we want our life to be- how we want it…
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the TYT sessions

One of the things I see, over and over again, in my practice and in the lives of mid-life women (especially mid-life women!) is the importance of telling the truth. Maybe this seems like an obvious statement, but – as women – we are so often encouraged to not tell the truth. It’s not just…
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