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an electronic sign with the letters "love" and the words "this is not about valentine's day" to the left

this isn’t about Valentine’s day, thank god

but it is about love. [and rebellion.] I’m sure your inbox is chock-a-block full of emails this week with every variation on the theme of love and Valentine’s day. Well, not here! At least, sort of. It’s natural for this topic to come up, of course, and the idea definitely occurred to me, but as…
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the fastest way through anything

There is a meme going around on social media that says, “January was a tough year, but we got through it.” Did it feel like that to you? It sort of did to me. But for many of my friends this was deeply true. A lot of difficult stuff happened. And I feel like I…
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many boxes stacked together with the words 'do not accept this b.s.' across the picture as a symbol of not accepting mid-life stereotypes

this stuff is mid-life BS. pick what works for you.

These last few weeks seem to have been tough for a lot of folks- in my life, online. And for whatever reason- the stars, the algorithms- I have seen some hurtful, cliché shit online and in pop culture and I’m just done with it. There are popular, thoughtless ideas that bother me deeply, because if…
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a road that is partly in darkness heading towards sunlight with the words 'say yes' across the pathway

Say ‘yes.’

I had a really stressful day a couple of weeks ago and I decided on a new resolution for the year: more baths. I had just finished the first full draft of my Sex Surge® book and I needed a shot of tequila, a slice of cake, a long, hot bath, and a good stress…
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