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a road that is partly in darkness heading towards sunlight with the words 'say yes' across the pathway

Say ‘yes.’

I had a really stressful day a couple of weeks ago and I decided on a new resolution for the year: more baths. I had just finished the first full draft of my Sex Surge® book and I needed a shot of tequila, a slice of cake, a long, hot bath, and a good stress…
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two red boxing gloves with the words "Using Anger Skillfully at Mid-Life" transposed over the top

Using Anger Skillfully at Mid-Life

Anger. It’s a thing in our life- in any human life. We know this. And we also know there are lots of cultural messages about how women are not supposed to get angry. Because we’re supposed to be ‘nice’ or ‘good’ or some other non-threatening thing. But..we get mad don’t we? Yes. And, especially in…
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a variety of colorful folded paper cranes as a symbol of unfolding yourself at mid-life

2019: let yourself unfold

The new year is coming. Many of us are grateful to get out of 2018 (someone on Facebook said, “2018 has been a very long decade” and I totally feel that, do you?). But with the new year comes a lot of expectations. The greatest of which is that something will be different- capital D,…
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a small candle next to some pine cones and pine boughs with the words "being honest with our hearts at the holidays" on the left side

being honest with our hearts at the holidays

[[Before I start, I want to say that I have permission to share this story from the person described here. She asked me to ‘tell the absolute truth about us’ so that other women might recognize themselves in her story.]] A dear friend and I had made plans to meet for coffee last week. We…
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