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use your wisdom like a catapult

Use Your Wisdom Like a Catapult

Women are so amazing. For about a million reasons. But most especially because we are great learners. Have you ever noticed that, since the time you started your cycle, you have learned something new each month? Probably for the first couple of years of your cycle it was scary- you weren’t really sure what was happening,…
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light flying from the center of a rock formation as a symbol of change at new year's

new year! new you??

In a few days we will bid farewell to 2016. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see it go. I learned a lot this year, matured into a new level of me-ness, and let go of some incredibly difficult stuff. Learning was tough and came with a lot of sweat and tears. I…
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holiday paper star against a dark background options for holiday planning

Holidays. Real Talk. (Five Things To Try.)

Who loves the holidays? Raising my hand! Me! Yay! Who hates the holidays? Raising my hand! Me! Boo! If you feel like this about the holidays, you’re not alone. I think for every one of us there are aspects we totally dig and aspects we could just not care less about. (And as I write…
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So, I put on my black boots…and I walked.

Some of you may have heard of a little protest two weeks ago- a yoga pants protest- in a small town called Barrington, Rhode Island. It is the town next to where I live, and you can see a video about the protest here (you can see me chatting on the lower left side between…
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