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a person in an art studio with the words "the marriage box" on it

The Marriage Box

I was talking with a Sex Surge Consult client last week and was reminded of something that I don’t say enough: marriage is a box, but you can define that box any way you want, as long as you do it with your partner. One of my favorite sex and marriage therapists is Esther Perel.…
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Can you hear me now?

When I first started my work as a health guide (educator? mentor? coach?) and writing this blog, I wrote monumental posts about all the things I cared about and believed about holistic health. (Back then I hadn’t yet focused on women’s hormones and the Sex Surge.) I wrote about holism- the concept of interacting systems…
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two hands open and overlapping one another to hold a pink flower bud

How do you receive?

I was laying on the massage table, like linguine covered in olive oil. My arms, legs, and back were soft and calm, having been gently pressed and lengthened by my massage dude. He asked me, “How good are you at receiving?” ::: ::: ::: ::: He’s the kind of masseuse that listens to your body.…
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A person walking on the edge of a hill in a wide open valley

Why they can’t hear what you say sometimes.

You will forgive me for, once again, talking about relationships on this blog. Maybe it’s because the Mermaid’s Dilemma is on and relationships are at the front of my mind. Probably it’s that. :o) But it’s also because I always ask on the Sunday before I write these, “What do I need to write about…
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