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One tool for when you’re stressed AF.

[AF: as fuck. something the kids say. I like it.] These past few weeks have left me really stressed out. I will spare you the actual details, but I can tell you about how my body is reacting. I’m not sleeping well all the time. I’m not in my own house or in my own…
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Beauty Spots

[Programming note: my apologies for the later-than-usual posting. Wifi at our transitional housing is not so great. I’ve pieced things together only to get kicked out of the system and lose all my work- fun times! In any case, better late than never.] One of the great things I am finding about growing older is…
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small-leafed green plant with the words 'you're not crazy; mid-life mental health' imposed over the top

you’re not ‘crazy’ | mid-life mental health

One of the questions and worries I hear a lot from my consult clients is about whether they are ‘crazy.’ ‘Crazy,’ as in ‘mentally unhealthy.’ They are genuinely worried that something is wrong. Are they crazy because of how their brains are working/not working with peri-menopause? Are they crazy for wanting to leave everything they…
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What’s your jet fuel?

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t had a rough time in life. We have all had something happen in our life that was difficult, painful, overwhelming, or traumatic. Sometimes that stuff is with family (which can make it even more complicated and painful). We expect that our family will understand and love us no matter…
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