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light in a spiral over a beach scape as a symbol of moving forward with your life

the TYT sessions

One of the things I see, over and over again, in my practice and in the lives of mid-life women (especially mid-life women!) is the importance of telling the truth. Maybe this seems like an obvious statement, but – as women – we are so often encouraged to not tell the truth. It’s not just…
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a web with water droplets on it with the word 'permission' next to it


Talking with some of you over the last few weeks has been so enjoyable and helped clarify some things for me. I know more about what you need and want and how I can help. (I’ll be offering a New Thing next week.) But one thing I know we all need- whether we are in…
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a ticket booth as metaphor for traveling to sensuality

the gate you want to go through…but don’t

A dear friend from high school stopped over for tea on Monday. She and I were soul-buddies in high school, lost touch as we adulted, and then found each other again three or four years ago. Sometimes, a soul buddy remains a soul buddy your whole life. And so, when she comes over, we chat…
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a tea cup sits in front of food on a table with the words 'self-care in strange times' positioned above the cup

Self Care in Strange Times

There can be no doubt about it, the world is a strange place these days. Putting aside politics, it’s even clear from the weather that our world is changing. And sometimes very quickly. For some of us, politics is heavy on our minds and hearts and we spend a lot of energy trying to make…
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