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tree with fuzzy lights as a symbol of the difficulty of the holidays

The weight and the dark of the holidays.

Let’s be honest: sometimes the holidays are shit. Or sometimes bits of the holidays are shit. Or sometimes complete years are shit and the holidays just happen to be part of that. Or that sometimes people are shit at the holidays. Or sometimes our depression or anxiety or dread or grief or lack of Vitamin…
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the cure for [holiday] pressure.

So, it’s still officially the first week of December, but I bet if you think ahead a little bit, you’ll find that you suddenly begin to feel pressure about what’s coming up in the rest of this month. Time pressure. Gift pressure. Money pressure. Family pressure. Party pressure. And that feeling of pressure lives somewhere…
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white colored arm holding a jar full of fairy lights as a metaphor for boundaries

creating the container for good holidays

This time of year I like to focus on practical tips and tricks to get you through the pressure of the holiday seasons. Last week I talked about holiday food (it was American Thanksgiving) and the fact that you should enjoy it. The food, I mean. This week I’m sharing three keys that I have…
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Who do you wish you were?

I was putting away the things from Halloween this past week – getting ready for Thanksgiving here in America (because it’s about 2 weeks away and that means the pressure is on)- and I was taking apart my costume and sat looking at the bits and pieces. I was a witch for Halloween. But not…
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