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a small candle next to some pine cones and pine boughs with the words "being honest with our hearts at the holidays" on the left side

being honest with our hearts at the holidays

[[Before I start, I want to say that I have permission to share this story from the person described here. She asked me to ‘tell the absolute truth about us’ so that other women might recognize themselves in her story.]] A dear friend and I had made plans to meet for coffee last week. We…
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tree with fuzzy lights as a symbol of the difficulty of the holidays

The weight and the dark of the holidays.

Let’s be honest: sometimes the holidays are shit. Or sometimes bits of the holidays are shit. Or sometimes complete years are shit and the holidays just happen to be part of that. Or that sometimes people are shit at the holidays. Or sometimes our depression or anxiety or dread or grief or lack of Vitamin…
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two hands clutching each other with the words "the thing about loving two people" imposed over them

the thing about loving two people

I am never quite sure whether I can say that I loved my FF or not. I cared about him a lot. I wanted what was best for him (as much as I thought I knew what that was). I had a super case of The Hots for him. I worried about him and wanted…
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small-leafed green plant with the words 'you're not crazy; mid-life mental health' imposed over the top

you’re not ‘crazy’ | mid-life mental health

One of the questions and worries I hear a lot from my consult clients is about whether they are ‘crazy.’ ‘Crazy,’ as in ‘mentally unhealthy.’ They are genuinely worried that something is wrong. Are they crazy because of how their brains are working/not working with peri-menopause? Are they crazy for wanting to leave everything they…
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