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Potty Training

…Or Why Urinating is Self-Care I have talked with a handful of women in the past few weeks who have trouble going to the bathroom. I don’t mean they are having difficulty with it, I mean they put off going potty for as long as they can. It’s no surprise, really. Our culture is very…
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Gratitude is a good thing. Everybody from God to Oprah says so. I know this intellectually, but for years I had trouble being really grateful. I was very thankful– I could rattle off a list of things I was glad about during the holidays. But there was always something a little forced about it. I…
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My Ordinary

I was reading an advertisement for a writing retreat (links throughout the blog are listed at the bottom of the post, so your reading isn’t interrupted) and one of the sessions was called “Put Down Your Clever and Pick Up Your Ordinary”. I’ve been wrangling with some Clever Ideas of ways to open this blog…
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