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a woman of color wearing jeans and a plaid shirt sitting in a shopping cart, smiliing

The Sex Surge Smoking Gun

…or one of them, at least. You ever read something that changed your life? Maybe it was a book or a paragraph or some bit of information that just changed your whole world? It changed your heart or opened your eyes? That happened to me this past week. For the last two weeks I have…
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a clear bottle with wild flowers inside with the words 'how 'bout the good sh-t?!' across the top

how ’bout the good shit?!

Okay. So. The last couple of months have been hard for a lot of folks, me included. Sometimes that was due to my own decisions and sometimes it was due to Life and whatever the stars seemed to be throwing at me. However it happened, the winter was hard. Last week I shared about how…
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pieces of crumpled paper in a garbage can and laying next to it with the words "Let's turn this habit on its head" across the picture

Let’s turn this habit on its head

The last couple of weeks have been full. Work. Family. Book stuff. Regular old responsibilities. I try to keep my self care pretty close in times like these, but I traded meditation for five minute Pinterest breaks for the last two weeks and it shows. My weeks have been stressful and last weekend I was…
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an electronic sign with the letters "love" and the words "this is not about valentine's day" to the left

this isn’t about Valentine’s day, thank god

but it is about love. [and rebellion.] I’m sure your inbox is chock-a-block full of emails this week with every variation on the theme of love and Valentine’s day. Well, not here! At least, sort of. It’s natural for this topic to come up, of course, and the idea definitely occurred to me, but as…
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