Sometimes, there is a ‘magic’ pill.


What if there was a little pill I told you could help with: reducing migraines inducing relaxation preventing stress-response (and/or reducing intensity thereof) improving clarity of thinking improving immune function increasing efficiency of insulin counters depression (in some) aids skin and hair maintenance Would you want some of that? Yeah, me, too. Well, ladies, let […]

welcoming all of your selves.


There are various psychological and philosophical theories that talk about how we grow and develop over a lifetime. I particularly like Eric Erikson’s psychosocial stages (meaning the development of the psyche + the development of the social person) with Joan Borysenko’s female interpretation of those stages (in her book, A Woman’s Book of Life) as […]

The Energetic Barf


This is one of my favorite tools EVER. :o) So, you know when you feel gross after an interaction with someone? As if something just threw slime all over you? Yeah, that one. Maybe it’s an external slime- the kind where you feel dirty and like you should wash yourself off. With that external slime feeling, I can […]