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The 30s Hormonal Shift You Didn’t Even Notice Many women begin to notice changes in their cycle starting in their mid- to late 30s. It might be changes in their PMS symptoms (often getting worse). Or increased anger. They may feel down/bluesy more often or more deeply (or more anxious). Or less able to deal […]


Balance your hormones: dance your a$$ off.

by Joanna on July 16, 2014

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Remember when you used to go dancing? The club music up loud. You and your girlfriends (or your boyfriend, if he was brave – and looking to groove with you at some point that night) smiling and laughing with a drink in one hand. And your hips shaking and bobbing to the beat.  Didn’t matter […]


Increased Female Libido

by Joanna on July 9, 2014

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That’s what I typed into the Google search bar when I was going through the Sex Surge. Over and over again, different permutations and combinations. Hoping, hoping, hoping that there would be some helpful result. Thinking, “Surely I am not the only woman on Earth going through this?!?” And there were really no useful results, […]

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by Joanna on July 2, 2014

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I had a very different blog planned for today. Very informational. Very helpful. (It will come out later, don’t worry!) But it wasn’t the right blog for today.   Today I want to talk about savoring. A few weeks back I wrote about how I broke myself- ruined my thyroid and adrenals, which pushed all […]


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