Time For Yourself: Book It Now

by Joanna on September 17, 2014

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Did you know that Christmas is two weeks away? By the calendar, of course, the holidays are a long ways off yet. Except that, here in America, we do this weird thing: once the Fall hits, we see before us the entire end of the year. Once September starts, we can see all the holidays […]


Peri-menopause and Brain Fog: How To Deal

by Joanna on September 10, 2014

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No, You are Not Getting Alzheimer’s Let’s just start there. You’re not getting Alzheimer’s as you go through the peri-menopause process. ** But it sure can feel like it. Right?   Brain Fog Impacts in Everyday Life One of the many symptoms associated with the menopausal process is ‘brain fog.’ You notice that you can’t […]


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This is a Sex Surge post. (The Sex Surge is a hormone-related libido increase in women. It can be awesome or it can be hell. I help women work with the libido increase and move towards the awesome.) When women go through the Sex Surge, they generally fall into two groups: Group 1: Enjoying feeling […]


Relaxing: Why Is This So Hard?!?

by Joanna on August 27, 2014

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How many of us wish we could relax more? Do I see every woman raise her hand? Yes, I thought so. I have been harping on relaxation for the last few months because I found out – at a very personal level – how important it is to overall health and well-being. I have begun […]


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