The Energetic Barf


This is one of my favorite tools EVER. :o) So, you know when you feel gross after an interaction with someone? As if something just threw slime all over you? Yeah, that one. Maybe it’s an external slime- the kind where you feel dirty and like you should wash yourself off. With that external slime feeling, I can […]

Don’t compare your pain, okay?


So, I’m going to start this post with a trigger warning: I do mention rape and sexual assault. If these are difficult topics for you, please don’t read the post, or only read it when you feel safe. This is good self care! Last week, after several phone calls and emails from various women in […]

You are a fighter. And you deserve rest, too.


You get home from work, weary to your bones. And you still get up and cook a dinner and get the homework done and prep it all for the next day. You might also be the major breadwinner, so you’re out from 6 in the morning ’til 8 at night; you are a miracle for […]