No Libido Left Behind: Wise Video Feedback


Last week I offered up my first video for this site (you can see it here) and I thank all of you who watched it and offered comments and feedback. I’m glad you found it helpful and I will be doing more videos, for sure. What I wanted to focus on today some really wise […]

Low Libido and Sex Surge Drop-off: Answering Your Q’s


Dudes! I made a video. And it was fun. And it answers the two biggest questions I get about libido: What happens when the Sex Surge is over? Where does the libido go? (on a bike? on a hike? out the door? forever more?) How do I deal with low libido? The first question does […]

the most nourishing thing you can feed yourself.


She was smiling from the inside. It was something she hadn’t felt in a while. But she was. Smiling from that warm place, inside her chest, because she felt like she was absolutely herself in this moment. Pulled together. Broken but moving ahead. Strong in the ways that mattered. Smart. Skilled. On. Her. Game. Walkin’ […]