Figuring Out the Layers of Hormones + Supplements


I was talking with a dear friend and subscriber, S, on Monday and she asked, “Is it even worth the time and effort to ‘get underneath’ all the birth control hormones and supplements and meds and whatever else we take to figure out what is really going on with our bodies?” It’s a totally great question, […]

Don’t Let This Slip Away


First, thanks to so many of you who wrote to tell me about your experiences with extra-marital affairs. It is a painful subject- even if things did ‘go your way,’ and I was as grateful to hear from those who had awful experiences as from those who had useful ones. Thank you all and I […]

Your Q’s About EM A(ffair)s


By far, the most frequent question I get about The Sex Surge is how to deal with the feelings we have for the FF (the Fuckable Friend or the Forbidden Fruit). Some women have already started an affair, some women want to know how to decide about having one, some women need help getting out […]