About Joanna


I’ve always been curious about how the body works– physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I think knowing what you’re talking about, whether it’s based on book knowledge or personal experience, is important.

So, you should know that I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Education. This includes the biology and chemistry of a nursing degree (minus the drugs and prodding/poking part) with additional training in nutrition, exercise physiology, and how people learn. I worked in healthcare project management for 12 years, specializing in communicating health information and improving systems.

While working, I wanted to learn more about spiritual health and decided to become an ordained interfaith minister. This training opened my eyes to the richness of spiritual belief across many traditions and the value of spiritual practice– calming and centering the self. One aspect of my work is to develop rituals that recognize and celebrate life changes (wedding, house blessing, birth of a child, divorce, etc.).

Lastly, I have a master’s degree in Social Work. From this I understand the inner workings of mental/emotional health and the impact of context (or how the world works on us and we work on it).


Health education has always been my calling, and after years of working on high-level projects, I wanted to return to working with individuals. Along the way I had developed a hefty amount of knowledge about holistic and complimentary health practices, which I am now putting to use for the benefit my self, my family & friends, and my clients.

All of this training and personal experience helps me listen deeply to what is happening with you and your body. I help you understand what processes are at work in your body, in plain English. Then we explore how these issues uniquely affect you. Lastly, we will thoughtfully and gently experiment with finding out exactly what your body needs to become healthy.

Without a doubt, this is work that I love and have a gift for.


Some fun stuff about me:

  • I’m originally from Seattle. It’s still one of my favorite places on Earth and I have a lot of happy memories there. I’ve lived in New England for more than a decade- also full of spectacular memories.
  • I’m married to a supportive, lovey partner and we have two kids and a dog. We like to travel and lay around the house.
  • Stranded on a dessert island, I’d like a solar-powered water purifier (I’m very practical), a copy of Anne of Green Gables, and Alanis Morrissette’s greatest hits album (on my solar-powered iPod).
  • Some of my favorite activities are: walking (city or country), reading, spraying my kids with the water hose in the summer, and watching modern dance.
  • My health secrets: it took me almost 5 years of exercising to be able to do it year round (I used to ‘take a break’ in the winter), I have hips (look, two kids!), and getting enough fruits and veggies in a day can still be a struggle.
  • I’m a sucker for: hot, buttered popcorn; romantic endings; Hot Tamales candy; a day out with my husband.