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by Joanna on September 7, 2012

(Plus our first freebie! You can scroll to the end to get the info and the link if you just! can’t! wait!)

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have a ‘body issue’- myself included. Each of us has a favorite body part or two (!)…and some that are not so favorite. I like my smile and my eyes, but I have trouble accepting my nose.

Most folks who come to me for help are dealing with a body issue they’d like to fix. Some are slightly depressed. Some want help finding the body shape they feel good in. Some need and want more energy.

Fixing is all well and good. (I actually love helping people ‘fix!’)
But there are other reasons to care for the body.

Reasons that give us hope.
Reasons that are joyful.
Reasons that accept the body as it is.
Reasons that help us see the body in a new way.

Here they are. See which resonate with you.


We Care for the Body:

Because it is sacred.

The body itself is holy. Several religions will tell you different- that the body is a container for the holy. But it’s just not true. The body, in and of itself, is divine. This is what many painters, sculptors, and dancers will tell you. (Since they work with the body day in and day out, I trust their wisdom.)

The body is a living temple where each cell is a sacred stone full of life energy.

To Live (Longer).

I’m going to tell you a secret: someday, I am going to die. (Actually, this is not a secret, but people whisper like it is.) One of these days, this body is going to finish its journey and go to the Great Recycle Bin.

In fact, I am probably going to die sooner than my peers (you lucky Gen X devils), because I have Type 1 diabetes. But you know what? I take excellent care of my body to put That Day off as long as possible.

And you can, too. There are so many things we can do to keep the body in its most healthy, supple form. We can prevent the suffering of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. We can (very nearly) prevent cancer. All with diet, exercise, and relaxation/meditation.

I cannot guarantee that you won’t get hit by a bus. But, if you avoid that fate, you can live longer by taking care of your body.


To Enjoy.

Oh, goodness…Yes! The body is for our enjoyment and pleasure. I’m still learning about this one, actually. But I know, for sure, that our senses developed not only for us to avoid getting hit by buses (or be eaten by bears) but also to help us enjoy life.

Think about how good it is to:

  • Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin (especially after a dip in the river!)
  • See someone you love after a long time apart
  • Smell a sleeping baby or your favorite food cooking
  • Hear your favorite song (and dance to it!)
  • Taste a sip of water, or a cold beer, when you’re utterly parched.

The body is where we experience the delight of these things. Mmmmm.

To Learn.

The body is the place of integration of all knowledges.

What the heck does that mean?

It means this: what you know intellectually resides in your body.
What you feel emotionally resides in your body.
What you experience spiritually resides in your body.

Because your body is the living temple that holds all these systems within it.

You know how you understand something intellectually?
Like making soup.
But then you have that moment where the light bulb actually goes ON and suddenly you Get It?
You can almost feel the understanding shooting through you.

That’s the body learning and integrating.


To Act.

We take care of the body because it is the instrument of the soul’s desires. What you most wish for- a joyful life, a sweet kiss, to paint a masterpiece, seeing an old friend- these are all accomplished by and through the body.

We care for the body because the soul cannot shape our life without it.


The body certainly has its foibles and quirks. We each have our own foibles and quirks to work with. But- out beyond working with the body- is a place of respect, peace, and joy with our bodies.


And now, may I introduce (drum roll): Our First Freebie!
(I wish Kermit the Frog was saying that like he intro’ed stuff on the Muppet Show.)

I had so much fun making this, and it was so easy, we might offer some more very soon!

This is an mp3 recording that helps you meditate for 3 minutes.
Meditation is the third leg of the health stool (nourishing foods and movement being the other two legs). And it can be so difficult to find time to meditate. So, this little recording helps you do it- for 3 minutes!

When you listen or download it, you’ll hear me talking for 2.5 minutes about the health benefits of meditation and a short instruction on how to do it. Then 3 minutes of meditation time and a 30-second closing. Less than 6 minutes and you’re making your life healthier. 

Let me know how you like it!


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