Rhythm and Groove of Fall

by Joanna on September 24, 2012

In the Northern hemisphere we’re transitioning into the season of Autumn. Last Friday was the Fall Equinox, and the official entry into Autumn. (My dear Southern hemisphere readers, I know you’re heading towards Spring!)

In the Pacific Northwest, where I’m originally from, Autumn used to mean a gentle cooling of the temperature and watching the leaves change. It was all kind of soft and pleasant and smooth (mostly).

I’ve lived in New England for just over a decade now and the rhythm of transition is different here. The temperature is still summer-ish and warm during the day, but the nights cool by 20 degrees.

And the leaves change here, but they do it with gusto! I’ve never seen trees change with quite such intensity and joy.

Just like the seasons, our bodies transition, too. We are, in many ways, animals living in an environment. And, just like animals (think of bears or squirrels), we can tune in to our personal rhythms- and how they match the seasons.

How does your body know it’s Autumn?

Your Path to Fall’s Rhythm

Here are some ideas for getting into the rhythm and groove of Fall.

Eat your (root) vegetables. Autumn is the time of year when we start enjoying soups and warm foods again. Potatoes, carrots, onions, kale and chard are all great foods-packed with nutrients and flavor- for this time of year.
Add some to a soup or frittata.

Get out in it! Your body gets attuned to the season by actually being in the season. Whether you’re in a city or deep in the forest, notice how the air feels on your skin, what sounds are present, and how your body feels in this season.

Pull out your favorite Fall clothes and music. I know Autumn has arrived when my college sweatshirt gets pulled out of the drawer. There is a really simple (and hugely enjoyable!) sensuality to pulling on that sweatshirt and my best pair of jeans.

My musical tastes also change- more U2 and The Sundays (less Nelly Furtado and Chevelle).

Change up your environment. My friend, KB, changes her office just about every season. How do you get your ‘nest’ ready for the coming months? Do you bring in the blankets? Get all your supplies for Halloween (which is *huge* here in New England)? Maybe it’s time for that beautiful ceramic tea mug you’ve been eye-balling? Whatever makes your space feel like Fall- get to it!

One of the things I know for sure is that a little attention to our bodies goes a long way. Tuning in to the rhythm and groove of Autumn not only gets your body aware, but also your mind and spirit.

Digging in to Fall foods, music, spaces, and rituals helps us stay mindful and savor the richness of life.

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